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Local family database Helgoland
Family report

* 02.09.1853 in Helgoland
+ 16.01.1935 in Helgoland
Todesursache: Altersschwäche
getauft: 1853 in Helgoland
begraben: 20.01.1935 in Helgoland
Konfession: EV
Beruf: Fischer
Familien (families) Kinder (children)
(1st spouse)
Elise KRöGER
* 28.03.1852 in Landkirchen/Fehmarn
+ 27.08.1931 in Helgoland
oo 17.08.1878 in Landkirchen
Anna Catharina SPANGENBERG * 1878 in Helgoland
Broder Oelrich Peter SPANGENBERG * 1880 in Helgoland, + 1964 in Montgomery,PA USA
Dorothea Eduardine SPANGENBERG * 1883 in Helgoland
Peträa Friederike SPANGENBERG * 1888 in Helgoland, + 1953 in Dinslaken
Eltern (parents) Geschwister (siblings)
* 08.08.1822 in Helgoland
+ 22.10.1895 in Helgoland
Peter Edlefsen Henry SPANGENBERG * 1851 in Helgoland, + 1931 in Sunderland,England GB
Broder Oelrich SPANGENBERG * 1856 in Helgoland, + 1858 in Helgoland
Broder Oelrich SPANGENBERG * 1859 in Helgoland, + 1877 in geblieben *
Johann Wilhelm SPANGENBERG * 1861 in Helgoland
unbenannt SPANGENBERG * 1865 in Helgoland, + 1865 in Helgoland
Claus Adolf SPANGENBERG * 1866 in Helgoland, + 1866 in Helgoland
Catharina Dorothea SPANGENBERG * 1867 in Helgoland, + 1868 in Helgoland
Claus Adolf SPANGENBERG * 1869 in Helgoland, + 1870 in Helgoland
Catharina EDLEFSEN
* 07.04.1827 in Helgoland
+ 19.09.1890 in Helgoland

last update: 10.08.2013

:: Notice
In this family report all information about Jacob Cobers SPANGENBERG is summarized. The listed names are (except of data protection) linking to the family reports of the selected persons.
:: Contact
For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Erich-Nummel Krüss

This is request no. 2,702,240 on this database.