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Local heritage book of Anderbeck

Anderbeck (Originally named „Anderbike“) is located about 16 km northwest of Halberstadt, on the north side of Huys, in the district of Harz in Saxony-Anhalt. As of the end of 2016, a total of 531 citizens were registered there.

Anderbeck was first mentioned in documents on May 5, 1086 by Bishop Burchard II of Halberstadt, who presented the monastery Ilsenburg with the „hooves of the land“ of Anderbike. The first church is said to have been erected next to a pagan place of worship in the 8th century, today called  the "Black Eagle", which was once a restaurant however, has been closed for many years. This site was the starting point for the settlement and emergence of Anderbeck. The very old but, still existing fountain, supplies water  to Anderbecks inhabitants and livstock, even in the driest years, The coat of arms shows the origin of the Village, with the blue background symbolizing the above mentioned  fountain, and the silver oak leaves with the four acorns of the old oak tree, which stands directly by the fountain.

The history of  Anderbeck  is shaped by the force of nature and power of the water. Since about 1300, numerous water mills such as the Wockenstedter mill, the Kuckkucks mill, the Woldagsche mill, and the mill behind the monastery were, at one time or another in operation. To this day, the Hohlebach (Hohle Creek), which at that time was driving the mill wheels, feeds the small village pond.

Anderbeck often suffered from high water and flooding. May 1889 was the most severe, with the water levels reaching almost three meters. To the present day, markings from the water level can still be seen on some village house walls. The last notable flooding was in 1981.

A building of much signifigance, which I would like to highlight, was called the"long towel", which unfortunately no longer exists. It was built in 1769 at the request of Frederick the Great. The Dutch colonist house accommodated 12 families, who were responsible for the care of the landscape in the big break (a wetland in the lowlands between Oschersleben in Saxony-Anhalt in the east and Schladen-Werla in Lower Saxony in the west). With the beginning of work on the Kalischacht (potash mining shaft) Wilhelmshall in 1889, the population increased significantly. In 1926, the shaft was shut down. For family researchers, the book "Anderbeck in the change of time" by Petra Schäftner and Harald Beckmann is highly recommended. It is published by Geiger-Verlag 1997.

When creating my family tree, I came up with the idea of a local family book for the town of Anderbeck. The church books are thus made accessible to a wider circle of interested family researchers. Maybe there were also errors when entering the data, asthe parish registers were not complete. Unfotunately, some entries were simply unreadable.

Note: The spelling of surnames were sometimes different. Some example variants: Eve - Ewe. Or Newy - Naewy - Naewi - Newig - Naewig. This makes the research more difficult!

This local family book should be used a research aid only and, is not a binding document.

Contents: Protestant and Catholic church books
Baptisms 1653 – 1904 / Deceased 1692 – 1908 / Weddings 1692 – 1875

The catholic church records can be viewed online. Here the link to the catholic church books.

Do you have any comments or additions/changes? I would be very happy to receive them.
Good luck and happy reading - Werner Reimer

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For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Werner Reimer

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