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Local heritage book Freckenfeld

The Freckenfeld Local Heritage Book: Families from Freckenfeld between the Thirty Years’ War (1618 - 1648) and 1900.
by Werner Esser & Ute Keppel.

In the spring of 2008 the Family Study Discussion Group of the Kandel Adult Education Center (Familienkundliche Gespraechskreis der Volkshochschule Kandel) completed the Freckenfeld Local Heritage Book (Ortsfamilienbuch Freckenfeld) ISBN-978-3-938031-51-3. The publisher is the Volkshochschule Kandel (VHS), a registered club (e. V. = eingetragener Verein).

Until Napoleonic times, the village of Freckenfeld was part of the Lordship of Guttenberg, the personal inheritance of the Counts von Leiningen. From 1379 onward, the Counts von Leiningen and the Elector Palatine ruled the Lordship jointly. During the Thirty Years War [1618 - 1648], Freckenfeld was occupied multiple times by the troops of the Catholic League (under Spinola) and those of the Bavarian Imperial army (under Tilly). These respective armies robbed, pillaged, brandished fire and murdered. Many of the residents fled. Besides this, the Black Death was then rampant. After the devastating war, some of those who had fled, returned, but French religious refugees and Swiss people came also. In 1685 the French King Louis XIV took over the sovereignty of the Lordship of Guttenberg. Freckenfeld belonged to the French subprefecture of Wissembourg, in the region of Alsace. The Count Palatine and the Duke of Zweibruecken were “only” the usufructuaries (who had the right to enjoy the profits and advantages of the estate, that is, the taxes and duties). In 1733 according to a legally binding will, the Veldenz half of the Lordship of Guttenberg, along with the village of Freckenfeld, came into the possession of Duke Christian III of Zweibruecken. Thus the burdensome joint governance came to an end, but the sovereignty of the French crown remained. At this time the Lutheran church registers began. The Catholic ones were maintained in the neighboring communities of Schaidt or Kandel.
With the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789, the Lordship of Guttenberg was abolished and incorporated into the French Republic, and then into the Napoleonic Empire. The Napoleonic administration appointed the mayor; and beginning in 1793, maintained the documents at the registry office. In 1815 the former Guttenberg villages were annexed to Austria, and in 1816 in an exchange with Tyrol, they became Bavarian. As such they were the possession of the Wittelsbachs. Together with other villages, they are now in the district of Germersheim. In 1945 Freckenfeld became part of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Since 1973 Freckenfeld has belonged to the municipal association of Kandel.

The introduction to the printed Freckenfeld Local Heritage Book contains statistical analyses of births, deaths, family size, longevity, and age at the time of marriage. The book’s data is accessible through indexes of family names; places of birth, marriage and death; occupations and sources used.

The database and printout, which are the basis of the book, were done with GenProfi, Version 4.

The authors are grateful for the additions.

Werner Esser, Ute Keppel

translated by Judith Walters

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For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Werner Esser

Pfälzisch-Rheinische Familienkunde e. V. (PRFK)

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