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Local heritage book Bremen-Huchting

Picture of the old Huchting church.
(tared down 1878). On the right the old
pastor- and school house.
Picture of about 1820.

This online database includes information about approx. 4800 persons who lived in Huchting between 1679 and 1875. The following events are listed:

  • Data of birth and baptism (1679-1875)
  • Data of marriage (1708-1875)
  • Data of death and funeral (1709-1875)

You will find further information such as confirmations, engagements, wills etc. in the printed issue or the GenProfi database in the offices of the MAUS.
Due to the different beginning of registration, similarity of names etc. not all persons have been filed up to now. The database will however continuously be up-dated and completed.

The actual database is meant to be an assistance for genealogists.

It cannot  replace the work in the archive. The author is not liable for any faulty data.
The database is based on the data of the former parish Kirchhuchting which have been registered with the genealogy programme GenProfi. The borders of the earlier parish are identical with those of the actual district of Huchting. Therefore its name has been chosen for the database. The former parish consisted of the following villages:

  • Kirchhuchting
  • Mittelshuchting
  • Brokhuchting
  • Varrelgraben
  • Grolland.

According to national law Grolland belonged to Bremen since 1803. The population however till 1904 were part of the parish of the former Oldenburg Stuhr. The village of Varrelgraben was situated on either side of the Varreler Bäke. The right part belonged to Huchting, the left to the former Oldenburg parish of Hasbergen.
 Further information regarding Huchting can be found here:

Bemerkungen / Quellen:

For the database the undermentioned sources have been analyzed:

  • Church register Kirchhuchting 1679-1763 (original, photocopy, microfiche)
  • Church register Kirchhuchting 1763-1868 (original, photocopy, microfiche)
  • Copy of baptismal register Kirchhuchting 1679-1763 (photocopy)
  • Civil register Kirchhuchting 1814-1875 (microfiche)
  • Civil register Rablinghausen 1811-1814 (microfiche)
  • Family book Stuhr
  • Bürgereide town of Bremen, several years (photocopy)
  • Family trees registry office Bremen (microfiche)
  • Address book of Bremen (original)
  • Grey maps of the MAUS (original)
  • Personal documents (original, photocopy)

All sources (except personal documents) can be studied in the Staatsarchiv Bremen or in the workroom of the MAUS, Gesellschaft für Familienforschung e.V. Bremen (= Society for family research).
The personal documents (wills, marriage contracts, Meierbriefe etc.) are in the authors possession either as original or copy.

 To avoid any misuse of data the sources used are not listed. On request the author will give information regarding these sources.

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:: Contact
For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Carsten Heuer