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Local heritage book Hussinetz

Hussinetz (1937 Friedrichstein, polnisch Gesiniec)

Since 1742 Czech exulants came to their first interstation in Silesia to Münsterberg, 56 km south of the capital Breslau. In 1749 they founded the village Hussinetz (inhabitants 1944: 1517), 35 km south of Breslau. Thus on an earlier minor courtyard of Strehlen a community was established where Czech was spoken until to 1945, with a Czech school until to about 1873 (Czech lessons until to 1887) and Czech divine service. In 1764 south-east of Hussinetz three new “bohemian villages” has been founded: Ober-, Mittel- und Nieder-Podiebrad (Czech: Horni-, Prostredni- and Dolni-Podebrady, 1937-1945 Mehltheuer, inhabitants 1944: 885, from 1945 polish Gosciecice Horny, Sr. and Dolny). These villages are located in the tail of the hills, between the plain around the capital of Silesia and the mountains in the south.

On the picture (about 1900) in the foreground are the houses of Hussinetz, in the middle the tower of Strehlen townhall, a landmark blasted in 1945, on the right side the evangelic church and at the left side the Marienberg.

The 23 churchbooks of Hussinetz (beginning 1751) have been evaluated completely. Data of all people born and mentioned until to 1890 together with data of the Czech parish of Münsterberg (1742-1811) were published in the Ortsfamilienbuch Hussinetz. In the online-Ortsfamilienbuch, shown here, of legal reasons only persons born until to 1900 resp. born until to 1914 and died, are presented.

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The „Ortsfamilienbuch Hussinetz“ (district town Strehlen in Silesia), registered as
"Deutsches Ortssippenbuch"
of the „Zentralstelle für Personen- und Familiengeschichte“, signature Reihe A – Band 278.
Author: Dr.Ditmar Kühne, Kulmbach
Title: Ortsfamilienbuch Hussinetz
Description:: Marriages, baptism and burials of the Czech parish Münsterberg (1742-1811) and the Czech-reformed parish Hussinetz (1751-1890). Summary of families with children, sorted alphabetically by name, Christian name of the husband and date of marriage with reference to the families of parents and children. Depending on letter type 660-780 pages, cloth binding, DIN-A4, with postage in Germany 2005: € 51,13 (100 DM), by order to the author


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