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Local family database Jews in the German Reich



A Jewish family database of the 19th and 20th centuries

From the emancipation to the destruction of the former Jewish life in the years



This database presents the vital records and, in increasing numbers, the biographies of Jewish men and women of the 19th and 20th centuries who lived within the borders of the German Empire of 1914. These individuals are listed in widely ramified family groups, illustrated with pictures and documents, and supplemented with additional links to external sites. It demonstrates through a large number of documents the social and cultural diversity that was destroyed and annihilated by the twelve years of the Nazi reign of terror: The database is thus a virtual place of knowledge and education, freely accessible to all users; and in addition, it is a progressive project in which everyone can participate and contribute.


With the support / cooperation of

Metryki GenBaza

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Photo Archives



In order to keep you up to date, a newsletter has now been set up that provides monthly information on the new edition, edited sources and planned projects. If you want to receive this newsletter, please use this forwarding:


The three pillars of the database project are 1. the scientific source work, 2. the worldwide correspondence and 3. the participation modules. All three points are briefly explained below:      
1. The scientific source work
The scientific source work means sifting and planned processing of all relevant genealogical sources, which document Jewish life in Germany before 1945. These are mainly birth, marriage and death registers (civil status, registry office), some of which have only been preserved on film, but most of which have been digitized and are freely accessible, even if scattered on many Internet sites. These registers are supplemented by other genealogically valuable holdings such as population registers, censuses, lists of souls and finally by documents of persecution such as deportation lists or death certificates from the special registry office in Arolsen. The input always takes place with proof of the sources, so that later it is comprehensible and verifiable for everyone where the information comes from. The sources are output in the database at the bottom left and will be listed shortly in the appendix of this page.
2. The worldwide correspondence
A very extensive correspondence with over a thousand people, including private individuals whose ancestors were once German Jews, with volunteer researchers and archive directors nationwide, as well as government institutions, results in fruitful contacts and further additions to the collection, benefiting both sides and creating a network of cooperation.
3. The participation modules
The core of the educational work with the database "Jews in the German Reich" is the project of the participatory modules: This refers to the possibility of relating the short biographical view of persons to further information on the persons listed in the database. For this purpose there are three main areas, which can be filled with diverse contributions of the database users: A. Portraits, B. Documents, C. Links.
A. Portraits
Giving a picture to every person in the database is a great undertaking: Indeed, in various places on the Internet, in archives or with private persons, there are a great many portrait images that can be linked to the database. So far, this has already been realized on a small scale in some regional databases, but the potential is significantly larger and could be bundled centrally in this database.
B. Documents
In addition to portrait images, there are a variety of documents that are also included in the database: Family advertisements (e.g., from the Berliner Tageblatt, Aufbau, and Jewish community newspapers), business advertisements found in address books, travel guides, newspapers, and other media, documents from private family archives documenting the lives of German Jews and their emigration or even murder. In a time of dwindling contemporary witnesses, such "speaking" documents are important for further pedagogical work and make the people who were degraded to mere numbers in the camps visible again as persons.
C. Links
Links refer to pages with more detailed biographical information, such as the Stolpersteine pages of many German cities, to Wikipedia, the gravestone project of the Verein für Computergenealogie and other genealogical projects of various associations and institutions. Films with interviews of survivors of the Shoah can also be integrated as well as elaborations of pupils.
All these three extensions (portraits, documents, links) can be worked out independently by individuals or project groups and offer school classes in particular a personal approach to the Shoah if they choose, for example, people who were their age when they emigrated or were murdered (time twins project), or who lived in the same town or street. The Jews of the former German Eastern territories, who are much more difficult to commemorate with Stolpersteine and initiatives in the German remembrance landscape, can also be included in this way without difficulty, and partnership projects with German and Polish or Russian or Lithuanian student or initiative groups are desired.

Ingo Paul,  Föhrenweg 6,  27721 Platjenwerbe, Deutschland


(under construction)


Auszüge aus "lutherischen" Kirchgemeinderegistern, 1526-1940: Darunter auch Karteikarten zu jüdischen Familien    
(Ancestry: Ansbach Lutheran Parish Register Extracts: Digital images Tobias Brenner Collection)

Jüdische Personenstandsregister Geburten 1811-1875, Heiraten 1853-1875    
(RSA Film AS 1403)

Jüdische Personenstandsregister Geburten 1810-1875, Heiraten 1816-1873, Sterbefälle 1855-1874    
(RSA Film AS 1438)

Jüdische Personenstandsregister Geburten 1870-1875, Heiraten 1869-1872
(LDS FIlm 007951877 Items 1-3)
SCHENEF, Yehuda:Jüdischer Friedhof Haunstetter Straße in Augsburg-Hochfeld, aktualisiert 2010 und 2011.

Jüdische Personenstandsregister Geburten 1816-1866, Heiraten 1863-1865
(RSA Film AS 1433)

Jüdische Personenstandsregister Geburten 1851-1877, Heiraten 1861-1874
(RSA Film AS 1413)

Biografisches Gedenkbuch der Münchner Juden 1933-1945
Jüdische Personenstandsregister Geburten 1875
(LDS FIlm 007992497 Items 3-9)

Jüdische Personenstandsregister Geburten 1891-1903
(LDS FIlm 004494079)

Jüdische Personenstandsregister Heiraten 1857-1861
(RSA Film AS 1012)

Jüdische Personenstandsregister Geburten 1812-1837, Heiraten 1816-1861
(RSA Film AS 1374)


  West Prussia 

In general
General-Verzeichnis sämmtlicher in dem Departement der Königl. Regierung von Westpreußen vorhandenen Juden welchen Staatsbürger-Recht ertheilet worden, Marienwerder 1812. Namen A-Kalckstein.
(Universitätsbibliothek Thorn)

Jüdische Personenstandsregister Geburten 1812-1821
(Landesarchiv Berlin S Rep.100 Nr. 2240)

Jüdische Personenstandsregister Geburten 1874, Heiraten 1874
(Staatsarchiv Danzig Nr 1497 Sygn. 56-58)
Standesamt Geburten 1874-1875, Heiraten 1874-1906, Sterbefälle 1874-1875
(Staatsarchiv Danzig)

Standesamt Geburten 1874-1875, Heiraten 1874-1875, Sterbefälle 1874-1875
(Staatsarchiv Allenstein)

Standesamt Heiraten 1906-1912, 1915
(Staatsarchiv Thorn)

---hier weiter bearbeiten---

PERSONENSTAND Geburten 1864-1874, Sterbefälle 1864-1874

STANDESAMTSREGISTER Czersk Sterbefälle 1874-1889, 1891-1910, 1921, 1915 fehlt
mitgeteilt von Dr. Gabriele Bergner

DANZIGER ZEITUNG, Zufallsfunde von Birgit Casper gesammelt und zur Verfügung gestellt
STANDESAMTSREGISTER Danzig Heiraten 1875-1876, mitgeteilt von Regina Hintze, weitere i.V., 1883 Bd.1-2 (Nr.1-386)

SALINGER, Gerhard: Volkszählung Elbing 1939. IN:Die einstigen jüdischen Gemeinden Westpreussens, Band 1, New York 2009, S. 104-106.

STANDESAMTSREGISTER Geburten, Heiraten, Sterbefälle 1874-1879, mitgeteilt von Silke Lehsten.

STANDESAMTSREGISTER Geburten 1874 (mitgeteilt von Willi Beutler)

STANDESAMTSREGISTER Geburten 1874-1877, 1913-1914, Heiraten 1874-1914, Sterbefälle 1874-1886, 1913-1914 i.V., mitgeteilt von Silke Lehsten.

Märkisch Friedland
Personenstandsregister Jacob-Jacobson-Sammlung Geburten, Heiraten, Sterbefälle 1815-1817


STANDESAMTSREGISTER Geburten 1874-1879 i.V., Heiraten 1874-1879, Sterbefälle 1874-1879 i.V., mitgeteilt von Regina Hintze.

STANDESAMTSREGISTER Geburten 1874-1879, Heiraten 1874-1879, Sterbefälle 1874-1879 i.V., mitgeteilt von Silke Lehsten.

STANDESAMTSREGISTER Geburten, Heiraten, Sterbefälle i.V. von Regina Hintze.

STANDESAMTSREGISTER Geburten 1874, Heiraten 1874, Sterbefälle 1874



LDS FamilySearch (Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzten Tage, vulgo Mormonen)

RSA Reichssippenamt

Martha Goldberg geb. Sussmann


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For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Ingo Paul