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Local heritage book of Lättnitz

The village of Lättnitz in the District of Grünberg

Summoned by the Schleswig Piasten, the German settlers came to Schleswig between the 11th and 14th centuries as farmers. A contract was concluded between the landowners and the Locator for a German farming village. Consequently the village was laid out on the stream which flowed from the Buchelsdorf highlands down to the Ochel. The entire territory was at that time thickly wooded and had to be cleared. The Poles who remained in the Burgbezirk called the resulting village Ledhnicza, which means “Clearing.”

Lättnitz was originally mentioned for the first time in 1306; however coins found dating from around the 11th century point to a substantially earlier settlement.

In 1938 Lättnitz had 568 inhabitants, most of which were Lutheran. Lättnitz belonged to the District of Grünberg, Regierungsbezirk Liegnitz. The Polish name of the village today is Letnica.

Source: Geschichtliches aus dem Dörfern des Kreises Grünberg by August Förster.

Translated by Karen Gebhardt Shepard

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