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Local heritage book Stuhr und umliegende Gemeinden

The parish Stuhr, situated south-west of Bremen on the outskirts of Bremen-Huchting and Delmenhorst is identical with the municipality Stuhr - till 1974 belonging to the rural district Oldenburg - and ist regions Stuhr (Stuhr, Stuhrreihe, Stuhrbaum, Brinkumer Moor), Kladdingen (Kladdingen, Kuhlen, Gehrden), Moordeich (Moordeich, Barken, Knigshof), Varrel (Varrel, Tlkenbrck, Barkendamm) and Obernheide (Obernheide, Blocken, Sthen, Zur Landwehr).

The 8th of August 1171 (according to the actual Gregorian calendar August 20) is regarded as the birthday of Stuhr. The Duke Heinrich von Baiern und Sachsen ("Heinrich der Lwe") in agreement with the archbishop Balduin von Bremen permitted the knight Friedrich von Mackenstedt to sell and to transfer in accordance with Dutch Law the greenbelt between Brinkum, Mackenstedt and Huchting, from the village Mackenstedt down the river Stuere to the Ochtum.

Stuhr was colonized by Flemish, Dutch and lower Rhine colonists as it happened in many places in the swamps and greenbelts in the wide surroundings of Bremen from 1106 onwards.

Since 1184 Stuhr has a church. Today's church has probably been built in the middle of the 14th century. Church registers are existing from mid 1716 on.

Stuhr was colonized by some 80 to 160 individuals. From 1681 to 1964 the population developed from 822 to 4000 persons. After 1965 in the local places Stuhr, Moordeich and Varrel a continuous building up of houses for one family began whose owners came mainly from Bremen. The formerly extremely rural Stuhr thus developed to the typical suburban community in the "Speckgrtel" (affluent area) of a city with a large number of commercial areas and increasing residential building.

In 1966 the municipality Stuhr issued a regional book "Das Buch von Stuhr" (The book of Stuhr), written by Erich Lemberg.

Since the local government and administration reform in 1974 Stuhr is the name of a large municipality with approx. 30.000 inhabitants. It resulted from joining the "old" Stuhr (rural district Oldenburg) with the formerly independent communities of the rural district Grafschaft Hoya, Brinkum, Seckenhausen (parish Brinkum), Heiligenrode, Gro Mackenstedt (parish Heiligenrode) and Fahnenhorst (parish Barrien). This new municipality was assigned to the rural district Diepholz.

The present database is based on the church registers of the Protestant Lutherian parish in Stuhr (1716 to 1875), on the Stuhr "Seelenregister" (registers of souls) of the years 1662, 1675 and 1681 in the Lower Saxony state archive Oldenburg and on the author's personal researches for the years after 1875.

Further data, e. g. complete family registers have been added to this data collection as long as they have a link to Stuhr. They were made available to the author from other genealogists on occasion of requests concerning Stuhr.
Thus the database "Stuhr und umzu" (Stuhr and surroundings) actually comprises a total of 24,096 persons in 7,156 families and shall continuously be extended. The actual database is meant to be an assistance for genealogists. It cannot replace the work in the archive. The author is not liable for any faulty data.

For data protecting reasons only names are listed of those persons who are supposed to be still alive. In case of a justified interest the author can submit more detailed information.

The data have been registered with the genealogy programme GenProfi. The author would very much appreciate all information regarding modifications and additions as well as any possible request.

The data have been collected by Volkmar Hseker. After his death in 2004 any requests, modifications and additions should be submitted to:
Bernd Salewski ( )

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:: Contact
For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Bernd Salewski