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Local heritage book Bremen und Vegesack

Vegesack in 19th century

From 1.9.1811 in Bremen were all births, marriages and deaths, regardless of the religious affiliation of Civilstandsamt captured. This body belonged to the French occupation of the changes introduced. For the family of this research is a major step forward, because up to that date was at the Bremen city churches of St. Peter (Dom), St.Ansgarii, St. Pauli, St. Remberti, St. Martini, St. Stephani and Our Lady eg no burial register, but the charges entered for the opening of the tomb were paid.

The entries in these registers is the beginning for the Ortsfamilienbuch Bremen (OFB). For technical reasons, but not all the entries contained information on the Internet is available, although those in the database were so lacking eg who was best man, or when was the death displayed by whom and what was the profession or the Declaranten. In the database - with the exception of those present at the marriage of the parents or their father or mother - all the other information contained in the sources are included, such as When permission from the parents of the betrothed to marry was granted, whether or guardians have approved of the marriage or whether someone because of the banns has filed.

From 1.9.1811 to 31.12.1875 are 126,404 births, 33,110 marriages and 99,967 deaths (here are some deaths are not included in Bremen occurred, but also for example on board ships occurred) when Civilstandsamt displayed (a list is attached to this foreword ). These figures show that the OFB only with a big time can be created. But the prospective generations not to such a factory must wait for an annual publication in stages. It is envisaged that in January or February of each years, a supplement to publish.

This is the third addition to the OFB Bremen for everyone free of charge. Added are about 3,000 families with about 10,000 people. Below are the marriages of 1815, and 1846 including the complete derived stem panels.

The unification of the sources is not yet complete.

In addition, the family of Bremer Dompredigers Merkel (* 1802 -? 1874) in the stock of the database. - Probably was for the first edition of the German-gender-book after the war the standard sequence Merckel / Merkel, knives forge in Schmalkalden, especially at the Bremen Domprediger Merkel terms foreseen. The events in 1945 in Goerlitz is a publication does not take place until today. A copy of the manuscript is in the archives of the mouse available. The data in this manuscript were included in the database.

Surely there is some surprise about the unusual spelling of certain words such as dispensirt instead dispensation or ertheilt issued instead. It is then the usual type of spelling. Even the language and the resulting spelling is an evolutionary subject.

A correction of Meyerdierks families in the different spelling has not yet been completed.

The overlap with other OFBs - whether in print or electronic form - is willed, but only for those who even in the space of the mouse are available. Those born after 31.12.1899 will not be made available on the Internet, although in the database of mouse included.

Translated by Laurie Koster

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